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Save the Dislikes Website
Predicting Youtube Dislikes

A complete machine learning pipeline to download / scrape, process, and analyze millions of Youtube data to train a model to predict dislikes and alert the user if a video is potentially probelmatic through a webapp that can process submitted videos.

Python Big Data SQL Django ML/AI SKLearn
Sentiment Uncertainty Chart
Sentiment Analysis of Online Platforms

A study of over 1.2 billion raw twitter posts, amazon reviews, and reddit posts utilizing sentiment and keyword analysis to discover important themes each platform focuses their attention on.

Python Pandas Big Data Spark Plotly
Predicting Text Difficulty - Random Forest Feature Importance
Predicting Text Difficulty

We built a machine learning pipeline utilizing both supervised and unsupervised learning to classify sentences into whether or not they require simplification. Our fine-tuned BERT model scored 77.6% on the test set, claiming second place in the associated Kaggle competition.

Python Pytorch Deep Learning ML/AI

Project Management

Delivering Quality

Ejawda Website

I was a core team member to launch, a new e-commerce platform for the industrial sector in the GCC region. This involved providing analytical and project management support to align all stakeholders and team members to meet our milestones on-time and within our budget.

PM E-Commerce Digital Transformation
ERP Implementation
ERP Implementation

I was a core team member to implement a new enterprise resource planning solution (Odoo). This includes working with stakeholders, partners, and developers to implement all necessary modules, as well as set up corporate dashboards and other features. This has greatly enhanced our organizational efficiency.

Sherbiny Manufacturing Facility
Sherbiny Manufacturing Facility

I helped plan and implement the construction of a new manufacturing facility for Sherbiny that hosts our fluid handling and life safety manufacturing capabilities. My involvement included feasibility studies, analysis, and overall project management support.

PM Manufacturing Analysis


Blazingly Fast, Sometimes

Sherbiny Website
Sherbiny Website

I designed and developed the website for Sherbiny, a leading provider of premium industrial solutions. The development comprised the full-stack including the backend CMS using Strapi, the frontend using React / Gatsby, as well as the server deployment infrastructure.

Javascript React Gatsby Strapi
Custom Timer App
Meeting Timer

I created a minimalist timer that is better for developers that uses JSON to store meeting templates to allow for hot swapping between different meeting structures by just editing text files that I can maintain. The timer largely is built using React for smooth client-side actions.

Javascript React Front-End JSON

Tweetviewer is a minimalist twitter client that quickly gives you the latest 10 tweets of any user that you search for. The app was built using chatGPT, a large language model by OpenAI, as a personal test of how AI models can aid development. It uses a python / flask script that accesses the Twitter API.

Python API AI / ML chatGPT

Marketing & Design

Beautiful, Just Like You

Marketing Strategy - Kanban
Marketing Strategy

As marketing manager, I crafted our strategic marketing plan and implemented our revised marketing department implementation. This project included a complete department restructuring, hiring new team members, and introducing agile methodology with Kanban to increase throughput by 300%.

Leadership Strategy Agile Kanban Creative Direction
Video Production - Sherbiny Corporate Video
Video Production

I led the production of the new Sherbiny corporate video to enhance our online presence and increase our brand awareness. This involved coordinating with stakeholders, script writing and more. I have also done video production myself using Adobe Premiere and After-Effects.

Production Design Branding
Graphic Design Example
Graphic Design

I designed and created a wide range of marketing materials such as new brochures, flyers, and presentations to improve our brand image and aid our sales team. This included design work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, and MS Powerpoint.

Graphic Design Adobe CC Office

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